Program Development Phase! 5 Things to Prepare for the New Season

As you close out your seasons with successful state and nationals showings and plan your celebratory end of year banquets, simultaneously you are already thinking ahead and planning for next year. With auditions just around the corner, it’s crucial to ensure you’re fully equipped and ready to make this year the best one yet! From […]

5 Things Parents need to know from the Pre-tryout Meeting

1. Team Expectations: Outline the commitment level, attendance requirements, and behavioral expectations of being part of the team. Talk about key differences from studio dancer to dance team member.  Let candidates and parents know that improvement comes with time and effort, collectively, and consistent full team practice is key to success in dance team, and that […]

The Power of Team Warm-Ups: Elevating Performance in Dance and Cheer

Introduction: In the world of dance and cheer, where precision and unity are paramount, the significance of a team warm-up cannot be overstated. Beyond the physical benefits, a well-crafted warm-up routine establishes a foundation for confidence, eases performance nerves, and fosters team uniformity. Let’s delve into why incorporating habits and rituals into your warm-up routine […]