Event Consent: Liability & Media Release

Effective date: February 1, 2023

By Purchasing a pass to the Sharpen Up Events in the US, All Adult Participants and Parents of Minor Participants Agree to the terms and conditions of this page as follows:


1) I Understand That A Risk Of Participating In Any Sport, Including Dancing At SHARPEN UP SUMMIT and/or GOLDEN HOUR Is The Risk Of Injury, Including But Not Limited To Serious Permanent Injury, Paralysis And Death. To Minimize The Risk Of Injury, I Agree To Tell My Child To Obey All Safety Rules And To Report Fully Any Problems Related To His/Her Physical Condition To The Workers As Soon As The Problem Begins.

2) By purchasing this pass, I Certify The Following: — That My Child Is Not Currently Under The Care Of A Physician For An Injury Or Illness That Would Prevent His/Her Safe Participation In The Event; — That My Child Is Not Currently Being Treated For Or Recovering From An Orthopedic Injury That Would Prevent His/Her Safe Participation — That My Child Is In Good Health And There Is No Reason He Or She Cannot Safely Participate In Strenuous Physical Activity. Guardian (If under 18 years old).


1) In Consideration For Allowing My Child’s Participation in SHARPEN UP SUMMIT ,GOLDEN HOUR , and/or DANCE EVENTS I Do Hereby Agree That I Am And Shall Be Responsible For All Costs Associated With Any Injury Or Loss That May Be Sustained By My Child As A Result Of His Or Her Participation At The Event. I Also Certify That I Have Health Insurance, Which Provides Adequate Coverage For Injuries Or Illness My Child May Sustain While Participating In The Event.

2) By me clicking the link below, I Also Agree To Release And Promise Not To Sue The State of Arizona or Sharpen Up DTT LLC., Or Their Employees Or Agents, For Any Damages, Loss, Injury, Or Death Arising From My Child’s Participation In SHARPEN UP SUMMIT/GOLDEN HOUR Unless Such Damages, Loss, Injury Or Death Are Caused By The Gross Negligence Or Intentional Gross Misconduct Of Such Employees Or Agents.


1) By Clicking This Link, I Hereby Give Permission For Sharpen Up DTT And Its Employees To Obtain Medical Treatment For My Child, in the Event Of Accident Or Illness During His/Her Presence At The Event.

2) I Hereby Give Consent To Have My Child Be Photographed Or Video – Or Audio-Taped During The Event, And I Agree That The Images So Obtained May Be Used For Educational, Promotional And Public Relations Purposes By Sharpen Up DTT

3) I Hereby Give Consent for Sharpen Up to share My Child’s Contact Information to College Coaches in attendance at the event.