The Gold Standard in Pom and Dance Team Consulting

We are a dance team training and coaches’ resource company, with a holistic approach to educating and inspiring dancers and coaches by offering a variety of events and services across the nation.

What we offer

We offer nationwide dance and education-based events and services dedicated to supporting dance-athletes, dance teams, and coaches.

Our most popular services include:

  • Cutting-edge choreography
  • Dynamic dance team workshops
  • Personalized private coaching
  • Meticulous routine cleaning
  • Program & product enhancing consultations
  • Conference Presentations
  • Recruiting Events

Our Philosophy and Holistic Approach

To “Team-ify” through the Three P’s of Dance Team:


Igniting the hearts & minds of dancers prepares them with a mental & emotional edge over their competition!


Optimal nutrition, strength, endurance, and rest/sleep are VITAL components to maintaining injury-free seasons and preparing the body for practices, games & competitions.


All the OUTPUT of a dance athlete, showcasing their social character not only on the dance floor, but also in academics, the community, work, and relationships.

Stay sharp!

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