College Information Page

Colleges will be present on Sunday, October 17th!!

This opens up the opportunity to attend for those teams who have games on Saturday. Catch a flight after the game; no Saturday obligations!

**If you are in-town and would like to attend the Saturday Convention as an observer, free of charge, we welcome you to join us!

Sunday Table Set-up Time 7:00 am – 7:30 am

We are excited to announce that Sharpen Up Dance Team Training will be hosting the College Dance Team Summit  & we would be delighted to have your school represented. 

Schools Attending:
  1. Arizona State University
  2. Grand Canyon University
  3. University of Arizona
  4. Benedictine, Mesa
  5. Ottawa AZ
  6. Arizona Christian University
  7. University of New Mexico
  8. Univ. of Colorado – Colorado Springs
  9. Midland University
  10. Westcliff
  11. College of Southern Nevada
  12. Texas Woman’s University



Enjoy an in-person recruiting event in sunny Arizona!

Come witness the amazing talent and upstanding character of our state’s incredible dance community.


Highlights of our Event:

  • Participating colleges may be utilized to teach college level material in the styles of Game Day, Pom, Jazz, Hip Hop, and Technique Combos as well as share about their experiences as college students & dancers
  • Participating college coaches may be utilized to present on several topics relevant to auditions, recruitment, and the college dance team experience
  • Each division will have a dedicated time for coaches to introduce themselves and highlight their program to all participants
  • Coaches will receive a list of all of the registered participants, as well as a dedicated list of participants who indicated interest in learning more about your program
  • Coaches will be able to observe the entire event & take notes on all of the dancers throughout the day
  • Coaches will enjoy an organized, controlled meet and greet activity session with participants
  • Coaches have the opportunity to stay for extended hours to observe the evaluation session (conducted by SUDTT staff) and one-on-one mingling event with only those juniors and seniors who register for these added perks. 
  • Network with visiting high school coaches and fellow college coaches
  • No registration fee!
  • Included: coaches swag bag, coffee & pastries, boxed lunch, & grab’n’go snacks throughout the event.